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Houston, we have Lift Off!
It was in the air for quite a while now, but it is official: Brikaer Productions is Launched!


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We believe knowledge and craftmanship should be shared. That’s why we offer courses and workshops

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You expect quality, you deserve quality. Prints, courses, services and custom projects, we aim for the best.
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Street Photography

The most beautiful pictures can be found, just like that, in the streets! Ever wondered how great artists like William Klein, Robert Frank or Ed van der Elsken made their amazing pictures?
Learn how to look at the city in a different way: join one of our workshops in Amsterdam and discover the artist in you!

Documenting Cities

What makes the city so special? Is it that amazing architecture? The fountains and statues? Or is it the people?
Enjoy our photo walks in Amsterdam and learn how to make beautiful timeless pictures of the city!

Understand your Gear

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Taking pictures the old fashion way

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Photo Lease

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Understand your Gear

The more expensive  the camera, the better the pictures, right?

Well, the truth is bit more nuanced.
Of course, the modern high-tech digital cameras can make it easy for you to take beautiful pictures. However, if the photographer doesn’t know how to handle the camera, it is very likely the pictures don’t turn out to be as good as the could be.

This mini-course will explain the basics in photography. You will learn about the “light-triangle”, composition and using both natural and artificial light.
With a book (pdf) and several videos all aspects are explained and demonstrated. And, the best part of it, you don’t need an expensive camera to practice and learn. You can make great pictures with any camera after you’ve done this course!

First part of the course is expected to be available in August of 2017.
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Since digital cameras came within reach of the consumer, analog or film cameras disappeared. Or, did they?

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This course will teach you

taking pictures with analog cameras
develop the film
scanning negatives
post process scanned images (using only techniques that were available in the dark-room)
buying second hand analog cameras
buying film

The first part of this course is expected to be available in September 2017.
It will consist of a book (pdf) and videos.

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Brikaer Productions is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with ID 68990049
You can get in touch with us by using the form below.

Photo Lease

Coming soon: Photo Lease!

Lease Photos, change the collection every six months, select from our entire collection or

get custom made art!